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Paint your own oil painting masterpiece The Top Ten Online Gambling Regular Platform

皇家 & Langnickel

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From the "regular network gambling top ten" pre-printed gray canvas.

Think about what color, where do you use it. Also plan what colors you will create by mixing colors. Be sure to test them out before you apply them to the finished product. Step 1: Mix water with a few drops of paint to create a clear colored glaze.

Apply transparent glaze to grayscale image. Allow the transparent layer to dry. Step 2: Use the paint directly at this stage (do not add water to the paint). Use opaque colors to embellish details and highlights.


  • Full grayscale images on canvas,
  • 12 x 5ml acrylic paint,
  • 2 golden tower clone brushes,
  • 1 An artist's guide booklet
  • 1 x 14 well plate